Eyebrow Waxing

Eyebrow Waxing in Melbourne

If you want flawless eyebrows that perfectly frame your eyes and enhance your facial features, Anh’s Artistry offers a friendly service for eyebrow waxing in Melbourne. Whether you want stray brow hairs removed or you want to achieve a specific look that gets attention, we’re confident that our eyebrow waxing services will give you newfound self-confidence.

What to Expect from Our Tailored Service

People who are asking themselves “who can provide an excellent eyebrow wax and tint near me?” can rely on Anh’s Artistry to keep them informed about what to expect. We tell clients who have never had their brows waxed that they should expect some pain or discomfort, but that this will dissipate the more times they get them waxed. In addition:

  • We use straight or curved wax strips to achieve a shape that complements your face
  • We may use tweezers to remove pesky stray hairs
  • You may experience mild redness around your brows for up to three days
  • Our eyebrow waxing sessions take up to 30 minutes and cost just $20

How Long Do the Results Last?

A brow wax in Melbourne can last between two and three weeks, although the specific duration will depend on the individual. Some people have eyebrows that grow back quicker than others, in which case they’ll require repeat treatments more often.

Tips to Prepare for a Brow Wax

We strive to offer the best eyebrow wax in Melbourne. This not only means carrying out the actual procedure to the highest standard, but also making sure our clients are adequately prepared before they arrive. We happily provide several helpful tips, including:

  • Gently exfoliate and moisturise the surrounding skin 48 hours before your appointment
  • Avoid harsh scrubbing, lotions and makeup on the day of your appointment
  • Inform our specialists about any skin medications that you use
  • Refrain from tweezing before your appointment and leave the job up to us

Book Our One on One Service Today

Are you asking yourself “where can I get professional eyebrow waxing near me?” The superior one on one service at Anh’s Artistry can meet your needs. Learn more about our services and book an appointment today by getting in touch with us.