Eyelash Lift

Eyelash Lift in Melbourne

How much time do you spend each day curling your eyebrows and applying mascara? Do you want a more permanent solution that achieves your desired look without all the tedious hard work? Fortunately, Anh’s Artistry can provide an eyelash lift in Melbourne that allows you to wake up every single day with bright eyes and long, luscious lashes. Our specialists can confidently answer the question “who offers the best lash lift in Melbourne near me”?

The Benefits of an Eyelash Lift

Eyelash lift services are immensely beneficial for people who want to look their best on a daily basis or for special events and occasions. We apply a safe chemical adhesive to permanently set the shape of the natural lashes. This is essentially a perm for your eyelashes, creating attractive upward curls that require minimal maintenance. Additional benefits of our one on one service include:

  • Thicker, fuller and longer looking lashes
  • Fresher and more youthful looking eyes
  • Simplifies your morning makeup routine
  • An opportunity to customise the results
  • More affordable than eyelash extensions
  • You can continue to use mascara and other eye makeup

Our eyelash lift in Melbourne takes between 45 and 60 minutes to complete. You can expect the results to last up to eight weeks, after which the lifted lashes will naturally shed and new straight ones will replace them. Repeat treatments will be required to lift these fresh lashes.

How Much Does It Cost?

Our cheap lash lift in Melbourne is more affordable than other places that charge upwards of $100. You can expect to pay approximately $80 for a 45 minute session at our studio. Although our prices are lower, you don’t have to worry about us compromising on quality or taking shortcuts. We still maintain the highest standards and strive to achieve the best possible results.

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If you want the best lash lift in Melbourne, you won’t be disappointed with the friendly service at Anh’s Artistry. Get in touch with our professional team today to learn more about our services.